If you do any front-end development over the past couple of years then you would of heard of CSS pre-processors. The most common CSS pre-processors are SASS, LESS, or Stylus.

CSS pre-processors are scripts that will compile code and output the results into CSS stylesheets. They allow you to create more dynamic, optimized and organised CSS for your websites.

In this article I am going to investigate what it is like to get started using SASS and if it really helps with creating your CSS stylesheets.


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Installing SASS

SASS uses ruby gems packages to perform the scripts that it needs to compile the code into stylesheets. Therefore before you do anything with SASS you need to install the ruby packages on your operating system.

If you're using a distribution of Linux, you'll need to install Ruby first. You can install Ruby through the apt package manager, rbenv, or rvm.

If you're using a Mac then the Ruby packages you need already come installed so no need to do anything.

If you're using a Windows machine then you can install ruby using the ruby installer, that will install everything for you with one click.

Ruby Installer
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